At IFA 2019 Garmin will likely announce the Fenix 6 smartwatch. According to a recent leak, Garmin will also offer five different models of this device.

Included in the lot will be the standard Fenix 6. It will also include the 6S, 6 Pro, 6S Pro, and 6X Pro as varied options for buyers.

Each of these is meant to be geared towards a specific type of consumer, with the Fenix 6X Pro aimed at athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts.

All Options Will Likely Be Pretty Expensive

Garmin can cast a wide net with its devices when it comes to cost. It seems all of the Fenix 6 options will be pretty expensive though.

For example, the Fenix 6 and 6S will reportedly cost around 599 Euros. The cost of each tier only goes up from there.

The Fenix 6 Pro and Fenix 6S Pro will bump the cost up to 699 Euros. Meanwhile, the most expensive model will be the 6X Pro with a cost of 749 Euros.

These are all prices based on European currency, so things could change a little bit for US versions. Chances are they will still be on the more expensive end however.

Size Matters

When it comes to watches, size matters. The same is true for smartwatches and Garmin knows it.

Whatever size you end up preferring will potentially dictate what watch is best suited for you. The Garmin Fenix 6 and 6 Pro will come with a 47mm watch case.

If you’re looking for something smaller, then the Fenix 6S and 6S Pro are probably your best bet. These two models will come with a watch case diameter of 42mm.

If you like a bigger watch case, then the Fenix 6X Pro might be for you as it comes with a 51mm diameter. It’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll pay more for that bigger size.

Not All Models Are Created Equal

While all of the Fenix 6 watches will be mostly the same, each subsequent model will offer something unique.

The Fenix 6X Pro for instance, will be the only Garmin smartwatch out of this new lineup that offers a 1.4-inch display with a 280×280 pixel resolution.

All the watches however, will come with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the display.

For internal specs, all three Pro models will come with 32GB of internal memory. The Fenix 6 and 6S will come with less space, featuring only 64MB. This means if you want music playback options, neither of these two are what you want to pick.


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